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Hutchison Ports KICT Receives the Largest Vessel Ever Called at Karachi Port  


[Karachi - 29th April 2016]- Hyundai Brave, the largest and longest container vessel ever received at Karachi Port, made her inaugural call at Hutchison Ports Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT) today evening. Measuring 340 meters in length and 45.6 meters wide, Hyundai Brave which can stack 18 rows of containers across on deck with a carrying capacity of 8,600 TEU, sailed steadily into Karachi Port and berthed at Hutchison Ports KICT at 5 pm under the experienced hands of the local pilot.
One of 7 vessels deployed for Hyundai Merchant Marine's (HMM) KMS Service, Hyundai Brave follows the port rotation of Karachi _ Singapore _ Hong Kong - Yantian - Shanghai - Kwangyang - Ningbo - Kaohsiung - Yantian - Hong Kong - Singapore _ Port Keelung _ Jebel Ali _ Abu Dhabi _ Bandar Abbas _ Karachi. During her stay at Hutchison Ports KICT, a total of about 4,000 TEU will be handled.
The Hyundai Brave maiden call at Hutchison Ports KICT opens a new chapter in the history of Karachi Port in handling large container vessels. To mark the memorable occasion, Mr. Keith Lau, Chief Executive Officer of Karachi International Container Terminal presented a plaque to the captain of Hyundai Brave.    

Hutchison Ports KICT welcomes the largest vessel ever called at Karachi Port
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