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Health & Safety Policy

Hutchison Ports KICT is committed to provide a healthy and safe working environment for all employees, contractors, and visitors, while fulfilling, if not exceeding, customer expectations of quality and safe service deliveries.

Being GM & HBU and Chairman of the company’s Safety and Security Management Committee, I shall be held accountable for resourcing and overseeing compliance with this Health and Safety Policy. Safety is our business, our license to operate, and a mandatory condition of employment at all levels. We should constantly bind ourselves to achieve the following directives:

1. The Company shall not only comply with all national legislations and regulatory requirements, but also constantly observe & even exceed the Global Minimum Safety Standard (GMSS) promulgated by Hutchison Ports Group.

2. The Company will not compromise safety for sake of saving money nor compromise business processes by lowering our safety standard. All these acts are just not in our core values.

3. Management Board shall install, maintain, review, and continuously improve the Health and Safety Management System & associated programmes; such should also be audited yearly by internal / external / Headquarters’ experts.

4. Management Board is committed to invest adequate resources for creating and maintain safe working environment, including but not limited to supply and maintenance of equipment and systems which shall be designed and maintained for safe working conditions and provisions of adequate trainings to employees.

5. Managers and supervisors shall ensure that all employees, contractors and visitors understand and commit to perform in compliance with all safety procedures and practices.

6. Managers and supervisors shall pre-emptively identify, assess and mitigate risks of health and safety under their business areas.

7. All employees are responsible for complying with all safety procedures, practices, and guidelines at workplace, including but not limited,

a) To be trained on safe working procedures and practices as required by management.

b) To thoroughly understand and religiously exercising safe working procedures, methods, and preventive measures.

c) Not to take shortcuts for convenience at expense of safety.

d) To alert supervisors when observing any non-compliances or potential hazards.

8. Employee’s safety performance should be integrated with the Company’s Employee Performance Appraisal System and objectively assessed periodically.

9. Safety noncompliance will be recorded by issuing safety violation ticket to KICT employees, contractors and external truckers that will be adjusted in staff salary and monthly billing of contractors / vendors.

10. Vendors’ safety compliance shall be timely monitored, recorded and reviewed by HSSE and managers representing user departments, and timely liaised with vendors. Non-compliance acts by vendor would undermine contract continuity or even lead to pre-expiry termination.

Environment Policy

We at Hutchison Ports KICT are determined to safeguard our employees, customers, members of the public and our environment against accidental injury or damage. 

Hutchison Ports KICT will pursue the following environmental guidelines:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations and promote the commitments and skills of its personnel to ensure effective environmental management of its business.
  • Take the responsibility to protect the environment and minimize, as far as is safe, practicable and economically sound any adverse environmental impact of its activities.
  • Encourage our employees and contractors to have responsible attitude towards their own and their colleagues' impact on the environment.
  • Establish clear environmental targets and develop appropriate performance indicators.
  • Contribute appropriate resources to developing standards and solutions to environmental problems.
  • Ensure the container handling equipment will not damage the environment.
  • Reduce and restrict the production of waste and where possible, dispose of such wastes appropriately.
  • Maintain and operate container handling equipment in a manner to maximize economies in fuel consumption and minimize contamination.
  • Investigate thoroughly environmental mishaps, if any.
  • Ensure appropriate procedures are maintained for the reporting and review of all environmental incidents and situations likely to be hazardous to a safe working environment.
  • Ensure dangerous cargo is handled safely in accordance with international standards and applicable recommendations of IMDG Codes.

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