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1.     What is WeBOC ?
WeBOC stands for 'Web-Based One Customs' which is a part of customs reforms initiated by Government of Pakistan with the intention to improve the Customs process.
Please visit for more information: http://www.WeBOC.gov.pk

2.     How can an Import container be released?

Release of an import container is based on the commodities. The commodity which comes under WeBOC control, has different procedure than the other.
v   Documents required for WeBOC container:
a.       Original delivery order - Issued by shipping line
b.       Valid NOC – Issued by shipping line
c.       Certificates as per EDI message received through WeBOC
v   Documents required for Non-WeBOC container:
a.       Copy of delivery order
b.       Copy of goods declaration with machine number
c.       NOC from the shipping line
3.     What to do in case of ANF hold?
Customer takes the following steps for removing the ANF hold:
a.   Customer approaches the ANF
b.   ANF advises joint container examination    
c.   Hutchison Ports KICT grounds the container for examination 
d.   ANF examines the container in the presence of shipper/ clearing agent 
e.   After examining the container, the customer obtains the release order
4.     What to do in case of a customs hold?
The customer should approach the relevant Customs section to get the issue resolved.
5.     Whom / how to approach when I may have Operations or Commercial related queries?
For commercial and line queries:support@kictl.com
For general queries: helpdesk@kictl.com


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