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Hutchison Ports KICT

Total Area (hectares) 26.03
Container Berths 3
Total Berth Length (m) 963
Depth Alongside (m) 13.5
Container Scanner (6MeV / Dual View - Dual Energy) 1
Container Quay Cranes 11
Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes 29
Forklifts 8
Empty Handlers 6
Reachstackers 10
Yard Tractors 66
Yard Chassis 75
Reefer Plugs Capacity 480



I.T Infrastructure  
Hutchison Ports KICT uses Synchronous Planning and Real--time Control System (SPARCS) software from Navis to help optimise labor utilization, manage yard space and deploy equipment. Vessel plans, received as EDI documents, are imported directly into the database allowing vessel and yard planners to plan yard and vessel operations on a GUI interface concurrently and in real time. SPARCS keeps equipment idle time and the number of handlings per container to a minimum.This helps maximise terminal productivity and profitability. 

EXPRESS software helps Hutchison Ports KICT manage business transactions according to unique procedures and business rules. The dynamic reporting capabilities built into EXPRESS  enable terminal managers to track performance, increase profitability and improve customer service. This eliminates the need for paper based tracking and reduces human errors as all transactions are recorded and invoiced accurately in real time.

The combination of SPARCS and EXPRESS allows for computerised,real-time tracking of cargo for the entire time that a container is at the terminal. This is facilitated through real-time tracking by radio data terminals in the yard.

Other IT advances allow Hutchison Ports KICT to work closely with the shipping community and port authorities. Using an electronic data interchange (EDI), BAPLIE, CODECO, COARRI, INVOIC, IFTMBC and other information that is sent electronically to customers on a timely manner.

Other state of the art technology at Hutchison Ports KICT includes a wireless LAN for monitoring quay cranes. IP telephony and VHF’s for effective internal communications, a highly reliable data backup solution and disaster recovery solution.Our use of the latest IT reduces cargo turnaround times and translates into more accurate and faster service for customers.


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